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      Founded in March...

     Founded in March 2016, ACEHE is a professional service provider specializing in battery accessories for model products. With superior supply and management efficiency and efficient high quality wholesale, retail, online and online multi-channel operating modes, On the regular participation in the relevant international activities of the sponsorship, has been praise and love for consumers from all over the world. Various of the distribution agents are welcome to join ACEHE, whom promise to provide you with the valueable supporting services.


        Acehe is a premium label for high C rating lipo batteries. Its superb 75c constant and 150c burst discharge rate and low weight mean that it is not only capable of powering your day-to-day applications, it is also designed to meet high-end RC racing demand, especially when it comes to drones and any other multirotors. It will pump out the same voltage all the way through your race. Where others struggle to supply power and overheat, Acehe excels!  


        All Acehe batteries come with a high quality Velcro battery strap and a silicon terminal cover which keeps your lipo safe during storage and flight.

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