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FPV Race Copter, accessories and spare parts from top brands

Flying drone races is a challenge that requires action, fun and a high degree of concentration as well as skill.
With an FPV copter (FPV = First Person View) you can see the world through the "eyes" of the camera situated on the flying object so you experience a completely new flight feeling.

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u are an experienced pilot or a newcomer: we have numerous FPV race copters from different manufacturers, such as Team BlackSheep and Eachine. In addition, you will find a comprehensive selection of accessories and spare parts.

FPV Copter and FPV Wing are the latest trend in the drones market. Our online shop stocks modern four-propeller models as well as streamlined wings.

When steering the Race Copter with the first person view you will fly through the course in the "I-Perspective". This means that you perceive the environment from the perspective of the copter. This works by wearing video googles when operating the remote control. The image of the camera, which is fixed in the center of the drone, is projected to the video goggles - alternatively you can also project the images to a display on a tripod.
The FPV-capable devices are particularly suitable for races with obstacles, since you have a better view of the targets and are able to estimate distances easily.

Exclusive distribution of Team BlackSheep Products

A pioneer of the scene is the manufacturer Team BlackSheep (TBS): from remote controlled aircrafts, multicopter to race copter - the brand is known for innovative and first-class developments. We are proud to say that we are Europe´s largest TBS store. We have following items on stock:

  • Copter
  • Video transmitter
  • Cables and antennas
  • Remote controls
  • Electronics
  • Cameras
  • Accessories and much more?

A highlight of the racing drones is the TBS Vendetta which combines durability, aesthetics and speed. The elegantly designed flying object is made of carbon fiber which makes it a lightweight under the racing copters. We not only carry the drone as a single piece but also offer you an extensive bundle including numerous Vendetta spare parts. You can also order these separately if required.

Modern Race Copter for fast-paced high-speed races

Drone races are becoming increasingly popular in Germany and the rest of the world. There are innumerable leagues and tournaments that provide a platform for drone pilots to test their skills.
The drones race through the air with a speed of 70 to 160 kilometers per hour. If several copters fly simultaneously towards a 3-meter wide and 1.50- meter high gate tension is guaranteed. Do you want to take part in these thrilling neck-to-neck races and the incomparable ambience of these fun and spectacular events? Get in touch with us, we are your experienced partner. We sell drones that you can assemble yourself and/or RTF copters (RTF = ready to fly).

Various Copter accessories for repair, upgrade and assembly

What would a racing drone be without suitable accessories? Browse through our wide selection of copter accessories and pimp your copter/wing or put it together from scratch just as you like. 
Our range of accessories includes connection cables, screws, landing pads, gold connectors, spare carbon rods, ? In addition we stock various electronic and technical components such as flight controllers, cameras, frames and remote controls. We can assist you in putting together your own copter according to your ideas/wishes ? just get in touch with us.