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Master every flight maneuver with an FPV wing
The scene for competition races with drones or race copters is finding more and more supporters in Germany and Europe, and it is already developing further innovative devices of the trend sport. After the multicopters have already established themselves, an increasing number of junior pilots and experienced racing aircraft rely on an FPV wing. That's why we as experts in racing drones, freestyle copters and accessories of course have first-class wing fliers in stock for you - order your favorite online and perform daring, flexible flight maneuvers!

From the fancy FPV wing for high-speed FPV races to a hardcore wing and all-in-one accessories, our range leaves nothing to be desired. The hardcore variants are custom-made for professional races. RC athletes and experienced hobbyists will get their money's worth with this model - if you value a perfect combination of speed and agility, you'll be well advised with this FPV Wing. The aforementioned "fancy" variant, however, is designed so that they can quickly bring you closer to the exciting FPV racing as a beginner. In addition, the carbon-fiber hull is extremely robust and the removable wing construction simplifies repairs after an unwanted crash.

Experience completely new perspectives with a FPV wing
The principle of a FPV-Wings is the same as with a Race Copter. On the back of the plane, a camera is mounted so that it takes the "view" of the RC model. About a pair of glasses or a tripod you see the live image on a screen, which records the camera. So you get the impression that you are sitting behind the wheel and gliding through the air. The difference to the Race Copter is the special construction of the wing. The particularly streamlined version allows you to completely new evasive maneuvers and flight maneuvers. Screws, loops and high-speed flights will be unparalleled experiences that will make your races unique highlights. Our expertly trained staff will be happy to advise you so that you can enjoy your precision flights like on rails. If you have questions during our opening hours, please contact us by phone or flexibly by e-mail.

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