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ARTF Race Copter

RTF Copter - order, unpack, take off!

Anyone who engages more intensively with racing drones or FPV copters usually develops quickly into a skilful hobbyist. This can have several reasons: be it to build your own copter, make repairs independently or upgrade the flying object. Nevertheless, the desire to take off the high-tech device and fly through the air always prevails. That's why we offer RTF Copter to all those who can not do it fast enough in addition to kits, parts and accessories - the remote-controlled aircraft are delivered fully assembled and ready to go.

The most striking feature of an RTF copter is that all individual parts are already assembled ex works and the flying object is thus ready for use immediately after delivery. The copter also owes its name to this property, because RTF stands for nothing but "ready to fly". So, if you decide to buy such a racing drone, you can train daring maneuvers for upcoming races right out of the box. Due to the fact that you do not have to do any assembly work on such a racing copter, it is recommended not only for experienced pilots, but also for beginners. Here you will find an excellent selection of racing drones from renowned manufacturers.

Complete package with RTF copter, remote control, camera and accessories
In the area of ??RTF Copter we offer you in principle two different variants: You have the choice between a MEGA Bundle, in which really everything up to the remote control is contained or a standard package with a RTF Copter respectively an ARTF Copter (ARTF = Almost Ready to fly). While the first set even includes spare parts, tools and a backpack for transport, the ARTF package only needs to add a few more items as needed. All required or desired additions can be found in our assortment so that you can either order one of our complete solutions or a mix of our own creation and set.

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