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Credit received by product reviews

We want to reward you for helping our customers to give you an evaluation of your purchased products.
There are a few rules to follow!

1. You can rate each article, negative reviews will only be activated if this product was also purchased from us!
In general, the product must not have been ordered from us, but we hope that you only evaluate products with which you could gain experience.

2. You always get 1.- credited for a star rating

3. You will receive for a star + text rating (at least 120 characters) 2.- credited

4. A maximum of 10 reviews per month can be submitted (maximum 20 euros per customer per month)

Once we've seen and approved the rating, you'll see it online and you'll be credited to your account.
That you can see here:

We thank you for your help and look forward to helping you with your purchase!