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Redbee Bonus Points

How do the bonus points work at Redbee?

For every order you automatically receive BP (Bonus Points).
You dont have to do anything!

Here you will find how much BP you get or you should have for get it free/cheaper:

1. How many BP do I get when I buy this product:

2. How many BP would I have to get this product for FREE:

3. What else can I do with the BP?
  • You can collect these up to something completely free
  • You can spend these with each additional order as you wish, the value is freely scalable
  • You can sell or give these points to a friend / hobby colleague (he has an account by us)
  • You can donate these points to us as a tip
  • You can donate these points if we have an promotion for a good cause

4. Where can I redeem my BP?
If you are in the shopping cart and want to complete your order.

With Redbee and the Bonus System, you can always save money no matter how.