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DYS XDR220 RTF Race Copter

Item number: 129

XDR220 is an extremely robust and aerodynamic race copter, designed to fly its heats at high speed and crash restistance.


Product name: XDR220
Weight: 310g (without LIPO)
Size: 189.5 x 189.5 x 52.8mm
Motor: SE2205-2300KV
ESCs: XS20A BLheli_S ESC
incl. SP F3, OSD und PDB

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Category: ARTF Race Copter

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DYS XDR 220 RTF Race Copter

Basic information:

  • Copter size: 220mm
  • Total weight: 310g
  • Engines: 4x SE2205-2300KV
  • ESCs: 4x XS20A BLheli_S ESC
  • Proppeller: XT50403 tri-prop
  • Flight control: XDR-F3
  • Video transmitter: 5.8G / 40CH / 25mW to 200mW
  • Camera housing angle: 2 pieces in 30 ° / 40 °
  • Camera: 5V Camera HD (CCD)
  • LIPO (not included): 3S-4S / 1300mha-1500mhA / 35C-70C

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x DYS XDR220 FPV Racing Quadrocopter
  • 1 x Zipper Case
  • 2 x spare canopy
  • 2 x propellers in red and blue XT5040 Crystal
  • 1 x FPV antenna


XDR220 is an extremely robust and aerodynamic race copter, designed to fly its heats at high speed and crash restistance.

With the brand new SP Racing F3 flight control, the integrated OSD that brings you all the information on your glasses and a high-quality PDB nothing can go wrong
The built-in CCD HD camera with WDR (wide dynamic range) can also work in extreme backlighting, rounded off with a switchable video transmitter 25 / 200mW and the 5dbi omnidirectional gain mushroom antenna.
The frame is made of high-quality carbon, very light but stiff enough not to bend.
The engines and the ESC, which are appreciated and much used in the scene, have been perfectly matched.
The copter comes with 2 camera bodies, suitable for 30 ° or 40 ° inclination of the cam, very easy change of the housing is guaranteed. Included is another 30 ° case for your own styling.
Tax receiver is recommended for every SBus receiver, not included!

Brand: DYS
Size: 190
TX Power: 200mW
capacity: 1500mAh 1300mAh 1800mAh
Connection: RP-SMA
Lens: 2,5mm IR-Blocked
KV: 2.300KV
Battery Types: LiHV LiPo
Level: Pro Advanced Beginner
material: carbon
Contents: 1,00 pieces

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