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Chroma LED Controller OHNE Leds

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Kategorie: LEDs und Zubehör

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The Chroma LED Driver addresses all of the issues we found with existing solutions, it allows 9 different colours that can be changed at the press of a button. 6 different modes that can also be changed in a few seconds. It also runs off any 3s-4s power supply and is light and easy to wire up on most frame designs.


  • Up to 4s input voltage
  • 9 Colours
  • 5 Different Modes + Off
  • 3.7g Driver Weight, Approximately 15g total system weight with LEDs
  • Supports 1-25 LED?s in Series and up to 50 in total
  • On-board button for quick configuration

Package Included:

  • Chroma LED Controller - Driver

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