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How does it work?

How does the affiliate partner get an account?

Each customer is assigned an affiliate link. Through this orders are tracked and the commissions calculated. Each affiliate partner (customer) only needs a normal customer account (ie shop customer).
Please write us an email, then we can unlock you.

What advantage does that bring me?

Customers advertise more customers and you will receive a commission.
Simple evaluation of commissions per affiliate
This will allow you to earn credit.

What does a LINK look like, and what do I have to do with it?

The affiliate link is structured as follows: http: //www.your-shop.url/? Affiliate parameter = parameter value.

You can attach this "Rat Tail" to every URL in our shop.
For the following examples, the parameter "?kunde" and the value "test123" are selected:
http: //www.redbee.de/?kunde= test123
http: //www.redbee.de/product-xyz?kunde= test123
http: //www.redbee.de/kontakt.php?kunde= test123

How much can one earn or how is it calculated?

Commission by Affiliate Link

If a shop visitor arrives at the shop via an affiliate link, each order in the current session is assigned to the current campaign (affiliate partner).

All later orders (same PC!) Within 30 days will also be credited to your account!

The commission is calculated on the basis of the respective commission value (X%) and the order totals (net, minus shipping) of the assigned orders.

Customers: 2%
Blogger: 5%

Order value: 100.- (without shipping) 2% commission, you will receive 2.- credit.

The following conditions must be met for the orders to be settled:

Orders must be assigned to the respective customer
Orders may not yet be settled
Only billed orders are displayed to the partner / customer in the account.

It will be charged at the earliest 14 days after an order has been placed by the Affiliate Link.

The following commissions are not paid or refunded:

Open unpaid orders expire.
Canceled orders within the 14 day period
Canceled orders are fully reversed

Affiliate Program